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Take the Journey with You“ Special Event of ACEM for the 125th
In 2021, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) ushered in its 125th anniversary, and Antai College of Economics and Management (ACEM) recently ushered in its 103rd anniversary. On this special day, the people of Antai also celebrated the 125th anniversary of their alma mater in their own way. On April 10, the “Come for You, Take the Journey with You” Special Event of ACEM for the 125th Anniversary of Shanghai Jiao Tong University was successfully held. Chen Fangruo, dean of ACEM, Jiang Wenning, secretary of the Party Committee, Tian Xinmin, vice dean of ACEM, and alumni representatives jointly witnessed the grand gathering. The special event included “Back to University on Cloud”, “Master in Management Returning to University on the 3rd Anniversary of Graduation” and the alumni afternoon tea forum. Huang Shujuan, director of Alumni and Development Liaison Office of ACEM hosted the event.To get more news about top mba colleges in China, you can visit acem.sjtu.edu.cn official website.
At 14:00, the session “Back to University on Cloud” of ACEM began on schedule. Dean Chen Fangruo, secretary Jiang Wenning, vice dean Tian Xinmin and alumni representatives Zhang Gang (1984 alumni of SJTU, monitor of Class 2 of EMBA 2014 Spring & chairman of Shanghai Honshen Valve Manufacture Co., Ltd.), Dong Jiawei (1987 undergraduate alumni, founder and CEO of Sovell Technology Development Co., Ltd.), Wang Haiqing (2005 undergraduate alumni, founder and CEO of LL Capital), and Gao Yingjia (2011 MBA alumni, founder and CEO of Unibrown), met and talked with Antai people all over the world in a special "open way" on the cloud, attracting nearly 200,000 alumni and netizens to watch online, to feel the boundless charm of the University and build a new chapter in the future.
The live streaming started with a personal letter from Wu Hengshun, a 96-year-old alumni. The letter mentioned that "for over 70 years of graduation, I have always been bearing in mind the honor and responsibility of being a SJTUer, and go along with the development of the Party and the country. In the future, I will continue being a good SJTUer as always.” Having been away from his alma mater for more than 70 years, Wu Hengshun has always been concerned about the development of SJTU. Wu, who was 80 years old at that time, began to donate to SJTU in 2005, and has continued for 16 years without interruption. During the pandemic, the university was closed, but he still kept on donating through the wall. In his words, "though the amount of donation is very small, I am just trying to express my inner feelings.” ACEM made a hand-painted illustration of Wu Hengshun's donation story, to give him as a reply letter.
As time goes by, the campus environment and the development of ACEM are undergoing tremendous changes, but what keeps unchanged is the enterprising and innovative spirit of SJTUer. Dean Chen Fangruo introduced the development of ACEM in the past year. He pointed out that ACEM's development strategy of "cultivating interdisciplinary talents proficient in theory and practice" is to continuously study the current problems through industry research, so as to achieve the purpose of lifelong learning. The development of alumni and the development of ACEM can be more closely linked through the link of industry research. Secretary Jiang Wenning shared his pride as an old SJTUer and a new Antai person. He said that the relationship between the development of ACEM and the development of the alumni is a complementary relationship. In the future, Antai people will continue to practice the school motto of "loving the country, honoring the school and being grateful for favors received" to build ACEM better. Alumni are also welcome to come back to the university to have a look. Vice dean Tian Xinmin expressed his heartfelt thanks to the alumni for their concern and support for the development of SJTU and ACEM. He hoped that the alumni would pay more attention to the subject construction and talent training of ACEM and give more suggestions for the development of SJTU and ACEM. He wished the alumni all the best on behalf of the teachers and students of ACEM.
The four alumni, enrolled from 1984 to 2011, who participated in the sharing, were from several different projects. They shared their stories from memory of SJTU, spirit of SJTU, entrepreneurial story and industry development. There is an old saying in SJTU that if you choose SJTU, you choose responsibility; and if you go out of SJTU, you will have to shoulder responsibility bravely. From them, we can see the tenacity of entrepreneurs and the responsibility of SJTUers, who are grateful to the alma mater and make contributions back to the society. The entrepreneurial path is difficult and lonely, but alumni are not afraid. "Love to create and be good at fighting", using the "business training" they learned in their alma mater, alumni dare to accept challenges and shine in their respective fields. At the same time, they are also the warmest entrepreneurs. Behind the warm stories of "bear claw Cafe", donating smartplate devices for SJTU, and "caring porter" are the great love and responsibility mission of SJTU.
As early as more than a month ago, ACEM launched the university anniversary blessing collection among Antai people all over the world. What's SJTU like in your memory? What do you think is the spirit of SJTU? Your happy moment at ACEM? At the end of the live streaming, the theme video "Come for You, Take the Journey with You", which concentrates the love and blessing of Antai people all over the world, premiered in public. Alumni expressed in the message platform that tears filled their eyes when watching the video. No matter where they go, their alma mater will always be their warmest harbor. No matter where they go, they should tell a good "Chinese story" as a SJTUer.

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